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Bringing powerful connections to your supply chain pays—and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

Our supply chain technology digitizes and automates your existing processes for transformative efficiency.

Elemica's centralized supply chain platform enables you to keep your existing processes, but transform them into more streamlined, digital and automated versions of themselves through our proprietary technology. We create fit-for-purpose connectivity between your organization and an unlimited number of trading partners using a variety of technologies and the guidance of specialized experts.

Total supply chain connectivity.

One connection, one transaction, one trading partner at a time—Elemica helps businesses unlock more value through the digitization and automation of any supply chain function. Streamline your entire supply chain through a single platform that brings it all together in real time.

Supplier Connections

Elemica’s supplier connection solution connects Elemica clients to their suppliers for improved communication and collaboration. Finally get on the same page with streamlined procure-to-pay processes, like-for-like transactional data, easier documentation and more visibility into inbound shipments.

Customer Connections

Elemica’s customer connection solutions help Elemica clients streamline sales order management, digitizing and automating processes across the order-to-cash cycle. From order entry and proactive customer communications to automated invoice processes, establishing digital connectivity with customers helps deliver better service and work smarter.

Carrier Connections

Elemica’s carrier connection solution connects you directly with hundreds of carriers worldwide to streamline everything from route planning and documentation management to shipment status alerts and notifications. Implement full-function TMS capabilities to automate dozens of carrier-related transactions for smoother operations and more visibility.

One platform.

Infinite possibilities.

Elemica’s custom-engineered, cloud-based platform employs the latest technology to extract, digitize, translate and transmit data, documents and communications between trading partners. This innovative engine of optimization is turning the inherent chaos of global, multi-modal supply chains into a streamlined source of competitive advantage for companies around the world.