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Bringing powerful connections to your supply chain pays—and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

About Elemica

An enterprise technology
partner driving supply chain connectivity

Imagine a world free of supply chain issues. Where automation reigns and every process functions not just flawlessly, but instinctively.

Where every supply chain partner operates profitably at max efficiency. At Elemica, that’s what we’re all about, and we’re pursuing it one supply chain, one company, one connection at a time.

What we do

Elemica helps enterprises digitize data and automate business processes throughout the supply chain. Everything from order entry to procurement functions to choosing carriers and route plans for shipping, and much more. Tedious, time-consuming manual tasks get executed automatically, reducing errors and freeing up manhours.

What it means

In the bigger picture, the supply chain is transformed into a network where all the members are connected, driving greater collaboration, fueling innovation, providing more visibility into transactions and processes and making everyone more responsive.

Connecting and empowering
global businesses for twenty years

Long before executive teams began adopting digital transformation initiatives, Elemica was providing comprehensive, customizable solutions to streamline the supply chains of some of the world’s leading manufacturing interests. We’re about more than automating tedious manual tasks. We’re about helping you re-imagine the way you do business, without even changing the systems you use to do it.

Transforming Global

Empowering Supply
Chains Worldwide

Leading corporations throughout the United States and Europe use the Elemica network to enable 1,000,000+ supply chain transactions daily.

Working the Same
Way, Only Better

Our technology allows you to continue
working the same way, but with less
manual data entry, fewer errors, more
speed and greater data visibility.

Facilitating New Opportunities

By constantly innovating and expanding
our technology, our platform and
network can give clients new ways to
use their data to streamline processes,
make decisions and increase scale.

Shaping the Field of Supply Chain

Our leadership team does more than innovate. By working closely with customers worldwide, as well as a number of strategic partners and policy makers, Elemica’s technical, commercial and operational leaders are helping shape the very direction of supply chain management as a discipline.

Discover your path to


So where do you start? The truth is, when you can tap into a technology
service to receive, extract, digitize, normalize and transmit data between
businesses in real-time around the world, transformation can begin in
many places. With Elemica, you can start where you need it most.