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Everything we do adds value to our customers' businesses. We do so together, as a team, by bringing our collective values to life every day in unique, diverse, and inspiring ways.

Trust and respect

Our business was conceived and designed to connect others in the service of commerce. Every connection, transaction, interaction or other engagement with customers and each other works only if they are grounded in trust and respect.

Growth and development

Our world, our environment, our business… they’re constantly evolving. We must keep pace and, whenever possible, stay a step ahead. We never stop learning and challenging ourselves and each other, therefore choosing instead to remain in permanent growth mode.

Communication and collaboration

What we do brings people together. Brings companies together. Brings industries together. Communication and collaboration are as vital to our existence as oxygen and water.

Accountability and ownership

Every project we launch, every engagement we take on, every task we execute we treat as if it is our own, to be protected and perfected.

What defines an Elemican?

We are a curious bunch. Optimistic and filled with purpose. Fascinated by the splendid spectrum of cultures, characters and skillsets that crisscross a globe which now seems a little smaller than it was not too long ago.

Philadelphia, PA
Richardson, TX
Atlanta, GA
Oxford, UK
Bunnik, The Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Hyderabad, India