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Overcome Automation Roadblocks and Finally Make Progress

There’s a myth at play within supply chain circles. It goes like this: there are two camps. In the one camp are tech-savvy, progressive people and organizations eager to adapt digital processes to make things more efficient. And in the other camp there are those old-fashioned people and organizations stuck in the old ways—refusing change and holding no interest or value in all this high-tech stuff.

Thousands of salespeople in the tech sector beat the B2B bushes daily in search of the Luddites in Camp B, ready to convert them to the digital faith to the benefit of all concerned. These buyer’s business processes are manual, wasteful and out-of-date—so they simply don’t understand yet. Right? And thus they try to sell you harder [STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL].

The problem is, these old fashioned logistics people, for the most part, don’t exist. Supply chain managers. Procurement personnel. Logistics specialists. No matter what role supply chain professionals play, to a person almost none of them push back against digital transformation. People get it. They understand that digital, automated supply chains are more efficient and economical. They simply haven’t pushed these initiatives through at scale, or even at all, because they’re not sure where to start and are fighting the many moving pieces that come with any large organization.

If you’re in that huge and misunderstood camp that wants to digitize your supply chain, but is unsure where to start, check out this webinar. Here we’ll walk you through why digital transformation can seem so challenging and gives logical steps to ensure your transformation plan is successful. It’s a great place to start, and a good way to move past your current roadblocks to get your digital transformation moving again.