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Truly Understand the Fundamentals of Order-to-Cash Automation

A recent IBM study showed that companies with best-in-class order-to-cash were 81 percent more effective at order management. But before you can master something, you need to know the basics. What processes can you automate? What KPIs should you target? What kind of implementation approaches might be right for you? In what ways can these projects go off the rails and how can you avoid these pitfalls?

In this exclusive Elemica eBook, Automating Order-to-Cash, we explore order-to-cash and how it's possible to optimize these processes through digital connectivity. From sales order inefficiency to streamlining order fulfillment, hyper-efficient shipping, optimized delivery scheduling and more, this book covers all of the basic processes involved in the order-to-cash cycle and lays out what each looks like before and after automation.

Sure, you may know everything in this book already. But what if you don’t? What harm is there in studying and strengthening the fundamentals? Going back to the basics: That’s how Super Bowls are won. Our experts not only understand leading-edge business process automation technology but also how each of these processes should work in an optimized world. And now they’re bringing these insights to you. Don’t miss out. In less than a minute, you could be strengthening everything you know about order-to-cash automation.