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Get Key Insights into Creating Procurement Efficiencies

A recent study by management consulting firm Kerney revealed that leaders in optimizing third-party spend for competitive advantage generate nearly five times higher total shareholder return and 33 percent higher margin on average. Is your procurement optimized? How streamlined are your key procurement functions? How much is “business as usual” really costing you?

In this exclusive Elemica eBook, Creating Efficiencies in Procurement, we explore the procurement function as a whole and how it’s possible to optimize sourcing and procurement processes through digital connectivity. From strategic sourcing to purchase order management, automated scheduling agreements, non-EDI purchase digitization and beyond, we flesh out the most common procurement inefficiencies and how digitization and automation can make you a procurement optimization leader.

Finally you’ll have the insights into procurement automation shared by the world’s leading companies, as well as must-have keys to implementing procurement automation initiatives with operational, financial, political and technical success. We know, we know—nobody wants to share their data. But these are the kind of insights that make all the difference in today’s competitive business environment. And Elemica will never share your information with third parties or spam you to death. We’re just looking for others who share our passion for transforming mission-critical processes like procurement.