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Due to customers in multiple time zones, time between order and order processing was too long

Large portion of customer base did not have a digital solution for submitting orders

Wanted to streamline order and fulfillment process to improve customer experience

Sought a solution to automate the rest of their orders


Consulted with company leadership to pinpoint and prioritize specific areas of need (moved to top)

Implemented order automation via email data extraction to long-tail customers

Provided solution that worked for their existing processes, as well as their customers'

Onboarded 50 customers to the Elemica platform in just 5 months


Shortened the time between order and fulfillment

Increased efficiencies for the ordering process

Reduced the risk of manual error entry

Improved the customer experience for long-tail customers

77 %

Customer order automation
(up from 44%)


Orders per year automated through platform

Looking to close the gap between order and fulfillment? Want to learn how you can enhance customer experience? See how Elemica can help you by strategically employing supply chain automation.