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Global chocolatier expanding rapidly with 750 boutiques and other retailers

Growth pace strained ability to scale sales order processing capabilities

U.S., Canadian, European and Asian orders managed centrally out of Belgium

Long cycle time for manual entry of fax, email, PDFs and spreadsheet orders


Automated order entry for both EDI and non-EDI customers

Prioritized onboarding of customers based on volume/time consumption

Configured business rules specific to each customer, country, product, etc.

Implemented automatic order acknowledgements and other enhancements


Cut order processing times and calibrated entry capabilities to growth rate

Team able to manage by exception and use resources more wisely

Customer experience improved for all classes of customer worldwide

Close to 100 percent sales order processing automation achieved

100 %

Automated extraction of unstructured data

99.8 %

Order accuracy

15 month

Return on investment

Want the freedom to scale up without expensive order entry complications? Need to streamline order-to-cash regardless of the differences inherent across a global customer base? Learn more about how Elemica can help.