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While only 5% of sales manually entered, this represented 1,000+ orders

4,000+ daily deliveries of perishable products means no room for errors

Turnaround time for processing of a new order consuming and costly

Risk of errors resulted in angry customers, product loss and additional cost


Automated order entry via a variety of formats: email, PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

System regulates disparate values across different products, customers, etc.

Machine learning and other applied technologies validate order

Accurate order data entered into ERP environment using AI and automation


Greatly reduced order processing cycle times and administrative overhead

Improved order accuracy and eliminated the costly fallout of mistakes

Able to invest in customer service team training and up-skilling

Delegated a number of tasks from management to former entry personnel

80 %

Of all orders automated

100 %

Order accuracy

100 %

Customer satisfaction

Need to make the best possible use of management and staff? Looking for a way to lock in total order accuracy and fractionalize order entry cycle time? See how Elemica can help streamline sales order processing.